Why Early Intervention?

Several studies on the effectiveness of early intervention care programs have shown that a significant number of infants and toddlers are critically underserved. More channels to identify these at-risk children help parents and all organizations that are a part of the process.

The number of stakeholders involved is large, and parental consent is required at each step of the early intervention process, leading to duplication of data and files across multiple systems.

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Did you know 4 out of 5 eligible children never receive early intervention?


Awareness is key! Let us help you educate yourself with our user-friendly tools and assistive services. Using Health and Human Services guidelines, we teach you about developmental warning signs to watch out for in your infant or toddler, and provide referral information about your State Early Intervention contacts. Click on the chat and check your child's growth.

Early Intervention Collaboratives

Would you like to ensure that every eligible child receives Early Intervention?


Call us to help you ensure that no eligible child with special needs falls through the cracks. Improve your child find, referral intake, eligibility determination, case management, IFSP and, transition processes. Call us to find out how we can help you excel in your efforts.

Early Intervention Departments

Would you like to comply with fluid HHS standards, reduce the usage of paper and make your process more efficient?


Call us for a demonstration to see how we can reduce capital costs, improve parent visibility on monthly bills, and monitor services provided more effectively. Aggregate and touch upon outreach, outcomes, and other customizable options for reporting to the federal government.

About us

Innovation. Experience. Powerful.

Parent Assist Link solutions was spun-off from Med A-Z, which is an accredited Electronic Health Record and Practice management software company. With 350 years of combined software development experience, more than 100 years of clinical experience and years of client feedback, we know how to fulfill your needs. We strive to support our worldwide clients in expanding their best practices by building tools that advance these objectives directly into our products. Our goal is to provide these services in a way that is totally secure, reliable, and easy-to-use.

Improve Parent Experience

Redefine the parent experience, capitalize on digital convergence, and quickly launch new business models with our digital solutions for awareness and information tools across parents' preferred channels.

Increase Transparency

Our Technology Stack provides customers with the right foundation to improve their business, helping them harness the power of innovation. Create new, engaging experiences for all stakeholders in the Early Intervention process.

Improve Process Efficiency

Gain insight, fulfill your mission, and maximize your resources with our Early Intervention and Billing digital platforms for public sector institutions.


Parent Assist Link Solutions Corp has created a software that increases awareness for parents, identifies children with developmental disorders, documents treatment, and exports reports on early intervention services for children ages 0-5 in compliance with federal and state eligibility/disability standards. Our digital tools are available via Amazon Alexa, web based chatbots and SMS messaging. These tools are designed to raise the awareness of state Early Intervention programs, and to help parents navigate their child’s way through the EI system.

Our platform tool automates and tracks each point in the early intervention process--from child referral to billing and reporting, and everything in between. The solution incorporates Blockchain technologies for irrefutable document signature verification and can integrate easily with your existing systems. Key features include:

Our Mission

Provide connectivity, accessibility, and awareness for parents, providers, agencies, and funding sources regarding developmental milestones to help every infant and toddler achieve their full potential.

Our Plan

Parent Assist utilizes Amazon Alexa products and CDC warning signs to connect parents with early intervention providers where the parent, government, and care providers have complete visibility. Our platform incorporates Blockchain for irrefutable verification of the services provided, parental consent, and AI/Machine Learning techniques.

Our Vision

Expand these voice/chat bots to incorporate program requirements specific to every state while increasing awareness about these services for parents with infants and toddlers that may be in need of these services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to identify as many children as possible and get them the help they need. Our software provides agencies, social service organizations and providers the tools they need to accomplish this task.


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